Main Dish Recipes

Adass Hamud  Lentils with Chard and Lemon
Batenjein Ablama  Aubergines Ablma, Great Dish
Bazila We Riz  Green Peas And Rice
Bayd Bi Kousa  Eggs with Marrow Squash
Burghul bi Banadoura  Burghul With Tomatoes
Bemieh Bi Zayt,   Okra in Oil
Dawoud Basha  Lebanese meatball. Great mix of vegetables and meat
Fatti   Lamb and Bread Soup
Kibee Balls   Cracked Wheat Balls
Kibee Nayeh  Cracked Weat And Lamb
Kibbit El Batatta   Mashed Potatoes With Meat
Kousa Mihshy   Squash Stuffed with Lamb and Rice
Laban Bil Bayd   Eggs in Garlicky Yogurt Sauce
Laban Matboukh   Cooked Yougurt
Lebanese Rice   You will never cook rice any other way again
Lubyee Bi Lahmi   Green beans with meat
Malfouf Mihshy   Stuffed Cabbage Leaves or Cabbage Cigarettes
Mihshee_Koussa  Stuffed Zucchini.
Mjadara & Burghul   Lentils And cracked Wheat.
Mihshee_Koussa   Stuffed Zucchini.
Moghrabieh  A special occasion dish. A real treat
Riz 3a Djej   Lebanese Chicken and Rice
Arnabeyee Bil Samak  Superbe Fish in Sauce
Seyadieyeh Bil Samak  Superbe Fish in Sauce
Samkeh Harrah Traboulseyeh  Hot Fish , Tripoli way. A delicious dish.
Shish Tawook  Chicken Fillet. A great way to have chicken.
Samak Bil Taratour  Backed Fish With Tahini Sauce.
Shawarma  Lebanese Style Lamb Meat Kabab.
Tajin   Precooked Baked Fish